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Masterbatch is a plasticadditive in form of granulate with high colour concentration and/or additives. Raw materials are normaly polyolephins (PP, PA, PS, PVC, Biodegradables, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and other), pigments and additives. We produce three groups of masterbatch.

  • Colour-Masterbatch, in any shade of colour to the colouring of plastics.
  • Additive Masterbatch to change the performenc of the products, for example: UV stabiliser, Antiblock, flame resistant, Antistatic.
  • Combination between colour and additive Masterbatch.

We are established in colouring and additivation of plastic. Since 1974 we are continued research and developed. Primarily we are aim to minimise the cost and advanced the quality, innovation and performence of the products. The products are tailored for our customers. Chemelectric offers the full spectrum of masterbatch solution. The Productfamily Elmoset contains all kinds of Masterbatch.



  • Elmoset- Masterbatch to colouring plastic
  • Elmotec- Additives to achieve the requiered Performance
  • Elmocomp- Additves to achieve colour and performence

The products find applications in the automotive industry, electro industry, packaging industry, cosmetics industry, building industry, medical industry, pharmaceutical industry, toys industry. They are developed for multiple processing applications.



base PP, HDPE, PVC rigid

for automotive, profile, layer, etc.



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