Special Powder Coating
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1.NT = low temperatures-powders

Heating cost savings up to 25% are hereby possible. Additionally the possibility exists of increasing the tape rate.


2.Coil Coating

For the coating of aluminium and steel in coil coating process. Advantage over usual systems containing solvent, would be: cost-saving because of 100% application and pollution free.



For the coating of leather for the further processing in the automovie industry. For example: seats


4.UV hardening powder

The hardening by precipitation takes place via UV-infrared radiations. Advantage: faster hardening by precipitation with heating-cost-saveing to 25% are hereby possible.



For the coating of wood in domestic appliance, architectural and automotive industry.



For the coating of laminate in architectural industry.



Here is before-squirted a wet lacquer, ventilated briefly and covered with powder coating transparency. Subsequently, the total structure is burned. Particularly interesting for the bicycle industry and with a broad colour pallet.


8.Weather-resistant metallicpowder

For the automobile industry we developed metallicpowder, which are weather-resistant without colorless coat. Advantages: no separation during the processing; by a layer proceed cost saving. Releases of different car manufacturers are present.


9.Structure powder

For example where material defects or unevenness to be covered are. Or, where it concerns the optics. Experiences from different industries are present. (radiatoren industry, switchgear cabinet industry). We guarantee even structure, good covering of background errors and a perfect processing.